Product launch R&D film for Coca-Cola Europe brand, Adez

This is a sample video, not a representation of our final product which is confidential


We were challenged to tell the story of the research and development that went into Coca-Cola’s new brand, Adez. The film was for internal use and to be used as a tool that sold the concept of this new plant-based drink to the rest of the company and shareholders. Β As the project is confidential we cannot share the final film, unfortunately, so the above is just a taster!


We used a small team of just 2 people and took the Eurostar to their HQ in Brussels. In between our many waffles and beers, we grabbed our 6K cinema camera and lightweight lighting setup to capture a range of scenes that told the story. We filmed interviews with the team, great shots of the laboratory, and the tech that is behind such brand creation. As well as lovely slow-motion shots of the ingredients and tasting process.


The client was expressively happy wit the fished result and the film went on to be used extensively inside coke HQ. In the edit, we were asked to change the story direction slightly and advised the introduction of an animation element that complimented the narrative. Β This allowed us to hit ourΒ newΒ USP’s while still producing a lovely dynamic short film.