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Martin Collins – TV commercial production

Equine surface company Martin Collins were looking to raise brand awareness with an atmospheric, emotive and visual campaign. We wanted to showcase the high-end use of the product in racing gallops, dressage and showjumping while still being brand focused.Β Specialising in TV Commercial Production we consulted and produced a range of ads and films for them in 2017

The advert was aired systematically via Sky Channels to over 700,000 viewers per quarter. This was then teamed with shorter 20 second commercials that ran on TV and live screening at select events, worldwide competitions.

The brand films and TVC’s were paired with informative talking heads from a selection of the highest respected riders and trainers in the equine world, this marketing strategy was to draw, entice and engage the viewer with atmospheric films and then, if the wanted to find out more, they could by watching some cinematic & professional interviews on the clients website.


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