Gearys Bakery

Geary’s Bakery

Film and photography content to launch a new website for one of the UK’s largest bakers. We produced a series of video and still images for a fantastic new website produced by our friends at Transition Creative


We were commissioned by Hurricane Design to bring life into the Gearys Bakery website after a complete redesign. We needed to produce a range of still images and video content for the two brands, one of which was a debut. Gearys was well established and we needed to convey cleanliness, scale and professional personality. Jasons, was a more rustic and hand crafted site, where we needed to convey passion, craft and innovation.


We used a small crew of just a Shooting Director, and our photographer. We were operating in a live environment so working small and fast was a must. For the Jasons video, we set up a small makeshift studio in the factory floor, controlling the lighting and creating a dynamic, contrasted look. We utilised dynamic camera movement and slow-motion to let the viewer absorb the passion of the bread making craft.


The new website is dynamic, stylish and brings the two brands into modern styling. They are now able to approach other buyers and quickly showcase their distinct story, heritage and products with our media.