What we do


Singularity Film create engaging video for clients across the UK, from concept generation and scripting through to direction and production of promotional videos for web or TV, brand films, product launches & adverts, ‘how to’ videos, charity or school videos, property showcases, documentaries and more.


Brand films, adverts, corporate videos, company promo videos & more

We create cutting edge, authentic video content that promotes products, services & organisations of all sizes. Creating promotional video content for leaders in luxury lifestyle, raising over 1.5m in funding with charity video & showcasing leading audio brands. Promotional content is the heart of filming here at singularity and we have produced countless films for all our clients, and now friends.

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How to videos, company overviews, product videos, tours & more

Film is proven to be the fastest way of conveying information in the digital world. Conveying the right information is key, from talking heads for our corporate clients to brand values with our cinematic films, Even technical specifications for the latest new tech on the market. We work along side world class brands, individuals & startups alike.


A collection of our latest work

Branded content, short films, documentaries & music video production. Having training narrative filmmaking we are all versed in creating content that provoke emotion & atmosphere. Working for some of the best new talent in music, documenting fascinating stories or selling brands with creative short films, we always jump with joy when our clients need our team to exercise their creative muscles.

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Concept creation

A team of creative thinkers and connections to some of the leading UK innovation agencies mean that, if required, Singularity Film can generate the most engaging, memorable & innovative video production concepts.

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All the team have trained in narrative filmmaking, so scripting and storyboarding come as standard. We realise that it is important that everyone involved with the project has a clear understanding of the production before we commence photography.



With close links to leading location scouts, talent managers & crew. We always construct the crew that is right for the project. This unique approach to video production allows means we always deliver video with impact.

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Video Marketing

Being born from narrative filmmaking means we understand how to keep the viewer fixated, entertained & informed. We pull from this wealth of knowledge to deliver the most engaging and visually exciting promotional media. We call it the subtlety of cinema.

Atmospheric, Cinematic & Minimal

Our approach to video

We create Film and Video for a range of applications; from social media campaigns to television advertising. The world of video production is changing rapidly and our technological expertise fused with filmmaking, cinematography and photography experience lets us deliver content that drives results and keeps your audience coming back for more.


From concept generation, scripting, filming, editing and delivery – our fixed budgets and transparent workflow will give you confidence that media will be delivered on time, and on brand.