How we create film



We won’t go into statistics about cameras or equipment. We realise that your film is a direct reflection of your brands values, it needs to look beautiful. Reflecting the quality, care and expertise you pride yourself on. We shoot your video on cinema standard equipment, delivering a sublime video texture that reflects utmost quality.



As filmmakers we are used to delivering emotion, meaning and story in non-verbal forms, this is the magic of cinema. You are being delivered key information without the use of words.

Corporate filmmaking should be no different. We use this same non-verbal communication to fully convey your brand’s proposition. We call this the film’s atmosphere, and its the keystone in building and engaging film.



We are conscious of over selling, we don’t like ads that feel like ads. Our promotional content centres around enticing the viewer in with an engaging story, thrilling action or thick atmosphere. Your product with be there, and explained; not with facts or dialogue – but a combination of atmosphere, tone, colour and beauty.

Working with us




Social media is changing video content as a dazzling rate. New forms of film/video are being created every month from vines to memes, these are great – but they are disposable. We love film because its permanent. We love creating content that lasts; this stemmed from our documentary work but has trickled into our corporate filmmaking, brand film and promotional videos equally. This stems from our focus of subtlety, and is what we believe makes films resistant to ageing.



We feel strongly that creating a film that is long lasting is of primary significance. If your only allowed to change your film a few times before your production company says its done – that isn’t a recipe for great filmmaking. We will stay up all night tweaking a making changes if you require. *Subject to following our post-production guide, it speeds everything up and explains the process.


The team

Singularity Film is the creation of filmmaker Moss Davis. We are a small, yet competent, Video & Film Production Agency; focusing on creating timeless promotional content fused with narrative film. Using a team of freelancers, when required, Singularity can offer surprising affordability while maintaining the highest production values.

Moss Davis

Moss Davis

Chantelle Edwards

Chantelle Edwards