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We produce brand films that tell emotive stories, and let the viewer do the thinking. We want them to understand your brand and what it stands for. Our team is skilled in creating videos that capture the essence of a brand and communicate its message in a way that is both powerful and memorable. Our team of award-winning filmmakers has years of experience in producing emotive brand films that get results.  

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Examples of our brand videos

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FILM – Summer 2022

CLIENT – Bramblecrest 

LOCATION  – Cheltenham, UK

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FILM – White City Lifestyle Film 

CLIENT – Berkeley Group  

LOCATION  – London

Brand Film Production Company
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Play Video about Brand Film Production Company

FILM – Dengie Brand Film

CLIENT – Dengie


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FILM – Jasons Brand Film 

CLIENT – Hurricane 

LOCATION  – England

Types of Brand film

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We offer brand films to raise awareness for your business. We’ll make sure your film captures the essence of what makes your business special and communicates it in a way that resonates with viewers.



We make stunning brand films that capture your products at their best, and communicate the heart of your company. Whether you need a video for online or offline use, we’ll craft an engaging and persuasive film that will help sell your products to the world.

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Brand film can sell a lifestyle of active living and adventure. It speaks to viewers on an emotional level, making them feel motivated to get out there and live their best life. The stunning visuals and captivating soundtrack are sure to leave a lasting impression.



If you are wanting to launch a specific campaign, product or line. A brand film will get your audience emotionally invested in the release, we craft a story that resonates long after they stop watching. 

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B2B clients also utilize brand film to convey their why. People always buy from people, and business is no different. Used as awareness, sales tool or HR videos 



One of the key metrics for success in a brand film is authenticity. A great brand film should instill a sense of trust and inspiration in your audience. They should leave knowing that your product or service stands for something. 




Passion is fundamental to our culture, we get inside your brand, understand your goals and get excited when we map out the best way to move forward. It’s this unrivalled love for branding, imagery and marketing that we believe is fundamental to deliver award winning visuals and marketing content.

We use a flexible team of only the best filmmakers in the industry, we have in house cinema standard equipment and a bespoke edit and colour suite. We can host ‘live edit’ sessions in our studio in Cheltenham and we welcome you to pop in and discus all things film!


Using emotive storytelling & contemporary editing  we help our clients create an immersive social presence with films that works, whatever the challenge. We like to worth collaboratively with everyone we work for, you know your business better than us of course, but we love to provide feedback on styles and concepts where appropriate. We also offer consultation services, concept generation and scripting to make sure that the media we are producing is going to deliver.