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A kitchen company that builds just one at a time!

May 2023

A kitchen company that builds just one at a time!

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Abbey Kitchens - Client Focus

As ever we vow to only work with clients that share our values, Abbey Kitchens was no exception. The film is in the edit suite as we speak, but before release we felt compelled to share our experience.

Client - Abbey Kitchens
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I've had the pleasure of capturing the essence of Abbey Kitchens, a remarkable company that has been transforming ordinary kitchens into extraordinary spaces for over 25 years. In my recent interview with David Baker, a partner at Abbey Kitchens, I discovered the secret behind their success and the unparalleled satisfaction of their valued clients.

Abbey kitchens 1

From the moment I stepped into Abbey Kitchens' showroom, I was immediately struck by the level of craftsmanship and attention to detail that defines their work. David Baker, along with his son James and wife Debbie, form the backbone of this family-owned and operated business. Their passion for their craft is evident in every aspect of their operation.

Abbey kitchens 2

During our conversation, David explained how Abbey Kitchens goes above and beyond to make their clients' dreams a reality. With their ability to design, supply, and install bespoke kitchens, as well as create custom furniture pieces, there is no limit to what Abbey Kitchens can accomplish. From full kitchens to wine racks and everything in between, they craft each item with precision and care.

Abbey kitchens 3

What truly sets Abbey Kitchens apart is their commitment to creating truly bespoke solutions. No stock is kept on hand, and every element is made to order, ensuring that each kitchen is tailored to the specific needs and desires of their clients. Every millimeter counts, leaving no wasted space and maximizing the functionality of the kitchen.

But Abbey Kitchens doesn't stop there. They also prioritize the use of high-quality, sustainably sourced A-graded timbers, such as Siberian pine, beech, oak, and American walnut. This not only guarantees stunning aesthetics but also reflects their dedication to environmental responsibility—a feature that resonates strongly with their clientele.

Abbey kitchens 4

As I delved deeper into the world of Abbey Kitchens, David's pride in their clients' successes became apparent. He shared stories of satisfied customers who had returned to Abbey Kitchens years later, seeking to refresh their kitchens while retaining the enduring quality of the original installation. It was clear that Abbey Kitchens not only creates beautiful spaces but also builds lasting relationships.

During my conversation with David, the importance of exceptional service and effective communication was reiterated time and time again. Abbey Kitchens understands that the journey of transforming a kitchen can be both exciting and daunting for their clients. That's why they make themselves available and contactable seven days a week, ensuring that their clients receive the support they need throughout the entire process.

In conclusion, Abbey Kitchens is a testament to the power of passion, expertise, and personalized service. Their ability to turn dreams into reality has left a lasting impact on their clients and earned them a reputation for excellence in the area. If you're searching for a kitchen that goes beyond the ordinary and captures the essence of your style. Abbey Kitchens are the ones! David and his team will guide you every step of the way, creating a space that truly reflects your vision and exceeds your expectations. I'll go for them when the kitchen is due a refresh!

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