Ode to Autumn

This was purely spec work, no affiliation with Audi, yet… 

created as a passion project during a quiet week to showcase our passion for organic video and narrative VoiceOver in a TVC style.

Life moves was written by director Moss Davis as an Ode to Autumn, “as I watched the leaves chance and the cold breeze of autumn roll in I was saddened that summer was over, then quickly realised that the present moment was equally beautiful. I think we should consider this in all moments. accept change and embrace the movement of life”

Although originally scripted with an electric Audi in mind, our budget of £0 didn’t accommodate. So we used the next best thing. All locations were within 50 miles of HQ and allot was filmed in the Forest of Dean. We hope to expand this concept in the future and work with brands that value this style of human storytelling.

Cinematography by Singularity + Callum Philpott + Barney Whitts

Stills by Chris Boulton

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