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These stunning apartments were to sell at up to £22m, and are home to some of the finest facilities. Our job was to showcase these and excite potential buyers. The catch… None of them were finished yet, we had to use CGI mockups and a lifestyle approach to allow for the pre-sale of the property.
We used a small team of 5 crew and 6 actors to produce the film. We proceed a script that drew from modern lifestyle and impactful imagery, we used neon lighting in the gym scenes to add effect and implemented underwater photography to bring the viewer into the film.
Both Agency and Client were explicitly happy with the results and commissioned another film on the spot. We love hearing how our films have helped and the fact that this was selling such a property of such value was incredible.

BH Wimbledon Hill Park 33
BH Wimbledon Hill Park 1
BH Wimbledon Hill Park 83

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