The Boutique Chalet Company

Media Package

A Media Package Commissioned by Experts of Luxury, The Boutique Chalet Company. A Bath-based company providing clients an experience they will be unable to forget. We wanted to convey an atmosphere and essence of the holidays provided, rather than an explicitly informative or walkthrough style video.

We provided a concept, mood-board and scripting. Together with the client we then planed the shoot and shot over just three weeks, capturing a range of content to deliver over the next 12 months. Wanting to create an atmosphere of luxury, twinned with mystery and solitude we opted to shoot in slow-motion and utilise interesting camera angles to let the viewers eye wander. 

We have produced 60+ shorts and 5 high-end brand films under the 23/24 media package and hope to continue the relationship over the coming years. 

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