Katy Kurd // Concussion

To most of us concussion is just a label for a knock to the head, but its severity is often overlooked. Professional mountain biker Katy Curd suffered two impacts to the head one after the other and she has been battling the symptoms of concussion for over a year.

Together with her sponsors we produced a short, portrait style film telling her story. The aim is to raise awareness for concussion and the severity that multiple impacts can have on the body.

About us & our work

We decided to start filming the project to actually raise a bit of awareness about concussion, I know for a fact I’m not the only rider who has been through it and I’m sure I won’t be the last. If this gets one rider or anyone thinking about the seriousness of a blow to the head then that’s all we can ask for. I’m sure I could have saved months of frustration and pain if I had just listened to my body at the start and sat out for one race but as a typical racer, I tried to carry on which resulted in me having to sit out for over a year. It’s been a hard year with many ups and downs but thanks to the constant support from Adrian Stokes at Pure Body Balance I am now back on my bike and things are looking good for 2018! The plan is to just continue to build things up slowly from where we are right now and get back to racing as soon as that season comes around.


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