The Hero Film in our 24 month video campaign for Market Leaders, Dengie.


Over the last 2 years that we have been working with Dengie we have got to know how best to create media that delivered results. At the start of 2018 they said, “we need a corporate video, but it can’t look corporate”. Well this is exactly the niche that the Brand Film has been designed to fill, selling with atmosphere, subtlety and emotion.


We scripted and storyboarded a film that utilised a few of dengie’s key messages. Their 50 years of business. The heritage. Their royal warrant. and their unique and timeless process of drying and tracking all the products from field to bag. We opted to try and show all this without the use of voiceover, we wanted horse riders to have a film that resonated with them and they they enjoyed watching. This Hero Film will be used online, at international shows and corporate events.


63,000 views in 3 days online. Hundreds of shares on social media. People with a tear in their eye. We are pleased with the reaction this film has received, and we are pleased with the results our client has seen. They track sale numbers and have noticed a strong correlation between video releases and increased sales. You can view their testimonial here.