Kickstarter App – Brian

Cinematic Kickstarter Video Production


The client came to us with a few loose concepts and asked us to construct the narrative, script, cast & produce the film. Their product was a challenging one to convey with visuals as the app itself wasn’t fully finished – hence the kick-starter- and showing its, not yet working, features was trick to do with visuals alone. However, we were aware that we wanted to include an element of lifestyle & atmosphere into the final cut to catch peoples attention on social media and the Kickstarter campaign.


We proposed using two complementary stories for to subtly showcase the apps features benefits and target market. we also discussed that fact that these could be broken down into small vignettes for social media and released steadily in the run-up to the Kickstarter launch. the client then had a solid batch of film and stills to build an online presence.


We are passionate about every project we undertake and it’s lovely to hear feedback. This review was taken from our Google review page.

Singularity Film did a fantastic job with our Kickstarter video. We got far more than we anticipated – both in quality, support, guidance and the end results. I will certainly be using Singularity again and would recommend to anyone wanting a professional and thoughtful film production.