Max’s Story // Charity Film

The Chamwell Centre will help young people like Max in a variety of different ways. However they needed funding for the project to go ahead, this film helps to explain the challenges Max faces, and how a place like the Chamwell Centre can help. Focusing on positivity explaining the proposition with subtlety.

The Chamwell centre has now successfully raised its funds, and the film was a key tool in informing key investors. It was screened at several live events and later released online.

Kind Words

“Your film on Max is still the key feature of our web site’s front page and has touched so many people. In fact, we played it when we went up to London to be interviewed by the Board of the St James Place Foundation, so I am sure it played a huge role in our getting the £1.5 million donation. We would love you to make another film and the angle you suggest would provide lots of opportunities for some excellent stories to tell”