Patient Stories

Singularity Film proudly partnered with Ottobock in 2018, a pioneering leader in prosthetics and orthotics, to produce a series of heartfelt and authentic videos. These videos were designed to communicate Ottobock's profound commitment to enhancing the quality of life through innovation in mobility solutions.

Aimed at internal stakeholders, event attendees, and a broader online audience on platforms like YouTube, our videos showcased real people sharing their genuine experiences with Ottobock products. By capturing these personal stories through our state-of-the-art Blackmagic URSA 12K cameras, we were able to portray the transformative impact of Ottobock’s technology in vivid, relatable detail. Each narrative was carefully woven to reflect honesty and relatability, highlighting how Ottobock’s devices empower users in their daily lives.

The video series served not only as a powerful tool for internal communications and events but also resonated deeply with viewers online, reinforcing Ottobock's reputation as a compassionate innovator in the field of medical technology. Our use of cinema lighting systems ensured that each frame was lit to complement the authenticity and emotional gravity of the stories being told.

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