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#001 – How to –  Pro Beauty Colour Grading

This time using DaVinci Resolve 16 to achieve a commercial beauty look. This is a really fast-paced shoot we had for one of our beauty and skincare clients. We wanted a free, fresh, bright look, and this is how we achieved it. You can see here the end result, and before straight off the Blackmagic URSA Mini. A really nice camera, but it does need a little bit of work just to get this look. This is how we achieved our commercial beauty look.

We’ll start by adjusting our RAW settings. I know this was shot with 500k. We’ll just go in and make this a little bit cooler. We’ll also change this to extended video to give us a good starting platform. Then we’re just going to bring in a little bit more in the shadows. It’s a little bit overexposed, and just bringing those down so your parade is just touching the floor. Again, with highlights, we’re just going to bring those up very slightly, just so they’re clipping a little bit in the background. That’s the kind of look we’re going for here.

The next thing we’ll do is just take out some of this tinting in the whites. We’ll do that with our saturation vs saturation over here. We’ll just make a mark there, you can see where it starts to fall off, just bring that down. That’s going to make the whites whites and the black black.

Okay, so let’s do our lut and our saturation. Create two more nodes, and these should work in tangent together. The lut is available on our website to download. It’s specifically for this look, and it works really well with the Blackmagic camera. It’s a subtle lut, and it does require some additional saturation, but this must go before the lut. Just bring that up, I’d say to about 60 on this one, and you can see the skin tone’s really start to shine now. That’s looking pretty good.

The next thing we’re going to do is utilize DaVinci’s Face Refinement Tool. We just find that in the effects here, and what that will do, is we just let that analyze through. You can see it’s tracking really well on this clip with the definition we’ve got. But what it’s going to do, it’s just going to brighten the eyes. You can go down to eye retouching here, zoom right in, and turn off the overlay

Okay, so you go to eye retouching here, and we’re just going to sharpen the eyes a little bit. We’re going to want to brighten the eyes, just to give them a little bit of flare. We’re also going to do a little bit of eye bag removal. It doesn’t need much here, but this is a beauty commercial, so we just want to remove that. So you can see there before and after, really making those eyes pop.

We’re also going to add a little bit into the lips, a little bit of saturation into the lips. Don’t overdo that, it looks crazy, but just a touch there. Then also smooth out the skin very slightly. You can see, you don’t want to overdo it. You still want to have that definition, but it’s just going to smooth out the color and the light. That’s looking really good, and so far from where we started.

The last step is just to apply a little bit of sharpening. So again, I’ll drag this down to 45, and that sharpens up. I’ll bring that one up to 30. You can see, that’s just bringing some definition back in, but we’re not bringing in any more wrinkles, because we removed that with our Face Refinement Tool.

There you go, a really quick and easy commercial beauty look. It’s perfect for a skincare product like this. Again, go down into lut, it’s on our description. See what you think. Try it out and let us know how you get on.

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